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29 Nov

Tom Ford Pablo (discontinued). For other models click here


29 Nov

After listening to the album for several weeks it is definitely a great body of work. Drake brings much more to the table than just “rapping”. He is an artist/musician so he makes music, not just rap. He has the gift and ability to express thoughts and feelings that many can relate to, which makes him great. You don’t have to like the album or share any musical interests with me; to each his own. For the guys who say many things are too soft you may want to examine your perceptions of the world. “Being hard” is a weak mans futile attempt at strength. As a man and simply a human being, there is an art in being able to express one’s self. There is a time and place for everything. Continue making great music Drizzy. Take care… 


29 Nov


29 Nov

I walked up the stairs just under an hour before the early event opening, to a line of hundreds that stretched past Z Gallerie almost reaching Cafe Nineteen on the corner. Even with the cold weather the line was about what I expected with all of the hype online. Everyone waited and anticipated 8 AM. Once the clock struck 8 a mass of people were let in. I was amongst the third batch of people allowed in. There was complete chaos and pandemonium inside. There were supposed to be rules and restrictions (such as a 15 minute time limit to shop and a limit of one purchase per item), but that protocol wasn’t followed after the heavy crowd charged into the store. Every piece was snatched off the rack within a few minutes. Some people told me they  had camped out since the afternoon before. With this knowledge and the length of the line I stood in I was pleased to still be able to get a few pieces I liked. Donatella Versace did a great job designing both the men’s and women’s collections with high quality all the way down to the hangers and bags. Resale prices have at the minimum tripled, but if you still want any pieces check eBay. Rumors are already circulating that Tom Ford will be designing next years collection. Only time will tell…


29 Nov

My current reading material aside from my school books


28 Nov

Phoebe Philo for Céline Resort 2010 Jacket seen here on one of the best dressed women in the world, Christine Centenera (Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar Australia). This jacket is definitely one of the dopest pieces I’ve ever seen

Via: JAK&JIL, Tommy Ton for, and Garance Dore’


26 Nov

My mind is never at rest


25 Nov


24 Nov

Black/cements ( release tomorrow on Black Friday for $150. Will you be picking them up?

WATCH THE THRONE: October 29, 2011 Atlanta, GA

24 Nov

An amazing night and performance. See for yourself (click to enlarge)