12 Dec

12 has always been dear to me. Plus today is a rare enough day on our Gregorian calendar to earn its own special post.

Rockin’ that 12 back in my high school football days (1st pic-State semis at the Georgia Dome my junior year, 2nd pic-Senior year vs. WACO):Some shots from my evening:Most of my meals are much healthier than the few I ever post, but I doubt that many of you would be interested in looking at a bunch of fruit and vegetables. For those who have never been to Shake Shack, you can’t go wrong ordering a Shackburger with fries. I personally love their peanut butter milkshake so I get one every time I go.To donate to the Robin Hood Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy visit https://donate.121212concert.org/ or call 1-855-465-4357

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